Nothing Short of Thankful

The past six weeks have been a complete whirlwind. I have left one job, started an interim job, left that job and have finally landed and planted myself in Lynchburg, VA.

If you had asked me six weeks ago if I wanted to move to Lynchburg, I’m not sure I would have said yes.

When my friend Jason’s job position became open, I looked at it and then I left it alone. I liked the position, there were some areas that spoke more to me than others, but all-in-all, it was a perfect position for someone like me.

So I took a different job. A job that taught me what kind of person I am (I need to interact with people in order to best function at task-oriented goals). I really enjoyed the job that I was doing – I was interacting with clergy nationwide, I was advocating on the steps of the Supreme Court (you can read about that here) – I was engaging the work of the Deacon in a non-profit. It was wonderful.

Then I talked to my friend Jason…I talked to the Senior Pastor.  I was then invited to meet with the search committee…who invited me to come back and meet with the staff.

It took an entire month of patience. Of working 9 – 5 in the city, commuting 3 hours a day total. It took a lot of prayers on my end, and a lot of God slowly revealing things to me when the time was right.

It required me to practice the trust that I preach to others.

I moved in last Sunday, and it was hot, humid and stormy.

When the evening was over, I stepped outside and there was one of the brightest rainbows I had ever seen in the dark grey sky.

A rainbow. A reminder of God’s promises to God’s people.

The past six weeks have taught me a lot about my own faith, about patience, about hope and about the steadfastness of God.

I look forward to what this journey at Peakland UMC holds. I look forward to forming relationships with the community within the walls of the building, and also with planting roots in the community. I look forward to seeing more glimpses of rainbows. I am nothing short of thankful today, and every day.

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