About Me

Hey y’all,

Emma here.

I most recently graduated from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC with a Masters of Divinity. In August 2016, I joined the staff of Peakland UMC in Lynchburg, VA as the Associate Minister of Discipleship. If you are ever in the area, let me know!

My hobbies include reading – for work and for fun. I love to listen to music and try to go to live concerts as often as I can – I love dancing.  I love to run, ride my bike – being outdoors is one of my favorite things.  Like most others, I have the travel bug and cannot wait til I can travel all the time.  I am die-hard Harry Potter fan, as well a Whovian.

I believe in unlimited chances, grace, love and always trying to be positive.

I’m sometimes goofy, but always serious.

Any more questions, just feel free to ask!

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You show God’s love well. It’s been a while but I have always appreciated our friendship since the inner city and play ground swings of Texas. Hope you’re well.

  2. Welcome Emma I’m the pastor at Chestnut Hill. I look forward to meeting you. Hope you are keeping John straight!

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