Brokenness and Blessing

For the past three years, my mum and I have utilized my Spring Reading Week as a chance to get away, just the two of us.  We head to the beach and spend our week shopping, walking around and enjoying a break in the midst of our respectively busy lives.  This year, we headed to the beach and decided to take a road trip.  The following is what happened as we ventured around Charleston. Continue reading “Brokenness and Blessing”

The Least, the Lonely and the Lost

Survival.  To survive.  According to Webster’s dictionary, survival is “the state or fact of continuing to live or exist especially in spite of difficult conditions”.  In a time where people are talking about doomsday, the apocalypse, the rapture! survival is a key piece of that.  People are making their doomsday kits, filled with batteries, flashlights, cans of spam and other non-perishable items.  If it were me, I’d probably include the Harry Potter books and chocolate, but that’s my personal preference.

Continue reading “The Least, the Lonely and the Lost”

An Officer and a Theologian

One of my opportunities for growth over the past two years has been to put myself into uncomfortable situations.  There are times when I have ran like my hair was on fire to avoid those situations.  No-one willingly wants to be uncomfortable.

At the beginning of this month however, I took the challenge on.  I decided to participate in a ten hour ride-along with the local Police Department. Continue reading “An Officer and a Theologian”

What are you wearing?

On the first Sunday of Christmas, I had the honor of preaching to my home congregation.  When it was all over, I felt frustrated.  I felt like the words washed over me and that I was preaching an empty message.  The response however showed that the Spirit moved through me and my words and transcended my own feelings. Below is a note of the Scripture used and the text of my sermon.  Enjoy. Continue reading “What are you wearing?”

Do my clothes really matter?

This weekend, I had the holy privilege of being a part of my Uncle’s memorial service. I did all those things a person in ministry would do, I prayed with my family, I processed in. I sat there in the chancel as my Great-Uncle shared words of hope and laughter to a sanctuary full of people, mourning and celebrating a life that ended too soon. Continue reading “Do my clothes really matter?”

Scary Close

If you’ve ever heard of Don Miller, then you will know that this is the title of his most recently published work.  This post however, is not about his book, but rather a small insight on the Gospel of Luke. Heads up, there is some Mean Girls corollary in here, so if you don’t understand, I apologize and encourage you to watch what is clearly the movie of a generation.  Continue reading “Scary Close”